Have you ever wondered why your credit cards won’t work?  Sometimes in a mall, you make purchases only to discover that your credit card isn’t working. Here, you can’t even pay for any of the goods you have parked. This can be very embarrassing.  In some cases, just save your purchase until the card issue gets resolved. In this article, we will consider the reasons why your credit card will not work.Credit Card Won't Work

Why Your Credit Card Won’t Work; A New Card is on the Way

When there is a major data breach, the credit card issuer cancels your card. They as well send you a new one. Many credit card issuers are sending more secure credit cards with EMV chips. This technology prevents card duplication and fraud.

Also, most card issuers usually deactivate your credit card after the new one has been mailed to you. After receiving your new credit card, call and activate it.

Why Your Credit Card Won’t Work; When You Haven’t Activated It

After getting your credit card, you must activate it before making transactions. To activate,  call a 1-800 number and enter the last four digits of your social security number or the billing zip code. You only have to follow instructions given by the bank’s customer service care. Other means of activation include online or via a smartphone app, but calling may be quicker.

Why Your Credit Card Won’t Work; Demagnetized or Scratched Card

For some cards, the magnetic stripe on them does stop working after the card has been too close to a magnet or a cell phone. Demagnetizing causes a credit card read error making it stop working.

Merchant or Payment Processor Issues

For electronic credit card transactions, the information goes through different layers before the transaction is approved.  There may be technical issues. These issues may withhold your transaction.

Incorrect Billing Information

Always enroll the billing information as it appears on your credit card statement. This is especially for online shopping.  Any slight mistake may cause a decline in your card.

An Expired Card

When your credit card expires, it stops working. Some stop working from the expiration date, others stop working from the month. Check your mail to see if your card has expired. In your mail, you will see if the bank has sent a replacement credit card already.

Not Enough Available Credit

Moreover, your card can be declined when your available credit is less than the purchases you have made.

Fraud on Your Account

When there is a suspicion of fraud on your account, the card issuer may decline the card. When you spend excessively or make purchases from an unusual location.

Final Note

In conclusion, it is quite annoying for one’s card to be declined. But do not forget that there are many reasons for the decline. Sometimes the mistake may not be from you. To be on the safer side, always carry cash or another credit card to avoid embarrassment.