In this work, you will learn what to do if you find a lost credit card. I once lost a card, I was very scared of a fraudster picking it and making purchases with it.. Fortunately, somebody helped me to find it. This made me very happy. If you ever find somebody’s lost credit card, please try your possible best to return it. This is not always easy. It is even harder when your state’s law prohibits you from having another person’s credit card in your possession without his or her consent.lost credit card

What to Do If You Find a Lost Credit Card ; The Cardholder at Risk

If someone uses your lost credit card to make purchases. Legally, you are responsible for up to $50 of purchases made on it depending on how long you report the issue.

You know that if you lose your debit card, you may lose all the money taken from the account.

What to Do If You Find a Lost Credit Card ; How To Find the Lost Credit Card’s Owner

With social media and internet, finding a lost credit card’s owner is easy. Just go to Google or Face book and search the person’s name.  But the only valid means of identification on a credit card is the name. More than one person can have the same name, this may make the wrong person to get the lost credit card. It is only easier when the name is very unique.

However, if you really want the exact owner of the card to get it, do the followings;

What You Can Do

  • Keep it safe within the Location Where You Found the Card:  This is necessary because people always retrace their steps to find out where the card was lost. In case you see a credit card at a reputable location, give the card to a manager or to the customer service desk.  But if you have the feeling that the person is dishonest or fraudulent, try other options.

You Can As Well Try To

  • Call the Credit Card Issuer; In a lot of cases, a major credit card issuer  may be responsible for the card. Get in contact with the card’s customer service. Follow the prompts to speak directly to a customer service representative.  Explain how you found a lost card and give them the details of the card. You will get instructions on what to do. Now, they will alert the cardholder and close the credit card account to prevent any unauthorized purchases from the account. Avoid keeping a lost credit card for yourself. Do not use it to make purchases. If you are caught, you may face a jail term and pay for all the purchases you made with the card.
  • Go to a Bank Branch: In case you know the financial institution that issued the credit card, you may take it to bank branch. A banker will be able to locate the cardholder using the card information.