Uber is a peer to peer ride sharing and transportation network company with operations in 785 metropolitan areas worldwide. So Uber Gift card Balance makes it possible that as you are served by uber taxi cab you can pay at the spot with your Uber gift card. Uber Gift Card can be purchased online at Uber.cashstar.com and sent to friends via email and mail as a surprise gifts.

Uber Gift Card Balance

How to check your Uber Gift Card Balance

To check your Uber Gift Card Balance online, is only possible using the Uber iOS or Android app or the UberEATS app. Alternatively you can check your Uber Gift Card balance by placing a call to the Customer’s Support line at 1-888-285-9073.

How to purchase an Uber Gift Card

  • Visit Uber Gift card purchase page.
  • Chose weather if the card is for you or for a friend.
  • Select the version of card you want to purchase either the digital or the physical version.
  • Choose a card design.
  • Enter amount.
  • Enter the quantity of cards you want to purchase.
  • Fill in the delivery details.
  • Choose a delivery option (Free USPS First Class or FedEx within 2days for $13.99.
  • Tap “ADD TO CART”.

Note that it may take 2-3 business days to process your order.

How to redeem an Uber Gift Card

To redeem your Uber Gift card, your card redemption is done on the Uber mobile app or EATS app.


  • Download the Uber latest app. (iOS users at Apple Store, Android users at Google play store).
  • Open the app and sign in if you are registered already or register a new account.
  • Tap the menu icon and select “Payment”.
  • Press “Add Payment Method” and select “Gift Card”.
  • Input your Gift card code.

What you need to know about Uber Gift Card

  1. Uber Gift Card can’t be reloaded.
  2. You can add funds up to $1,000 in Uber Gift card credits to your account. As you finish your credit you can add more.
  3. Uber Gift Card can only be used for rides or UberEats orders in country where the card was purchased. (Cards can’t be used for UberRUSH, family profiles, or scheduled rides.
  4. Gift card credits will apply to your next ride or order by default, but you can as well select a different payment before making your request.

How to use Uber Gift Card

  • Key in your destination.
  • Press the credit card details at the bottom of the next screen.
  • If you have more than one profile, hit “Change Payment Method”.
  • Hold “Uber Credits” to turn them off (credits will be turned off only for that ride).

Replace your stolen Uber Gift Card

If your gift card is stolen or lost, it can be replaced provided a proof or receipt issued upon purchase is available. You can contact customer support here if your card is missing or stolen.

How to manage your Uber Gift Card

To manage your Uber Gift card, the card usage, balance and activities. Visit here and enter your email address to receive a secured link to your gift card management portal.