Sometimes finding the perfect present means letting your friends, kids and love ones pick it out themselves. ThinkGeek Gift Card Balance offers varieties of shopping experience and meets up some demanding “geeks” in your life. Gift card exist in virtual and physical form. The virtual form is available in different denominations, with immediate use after few hours of purchase online and in-stores.

ThinkGeek virtual gift card purchased on, can be used in-store, GameStop stores, and as well as in Physical version of thinkgeek card is only available at stores and GameStop locations.

ThinkGeek Gift Card Balance

How to check your ThinkGeek Gift Card Balance

to look up your gift card remaining balance makes it easy and simple for you to shop online and in-store without gift card decline. So to save your self from sudden disappointment follow the below instructions to check your ThinkGeek Gift Card Balance online.


  • Visit ThinkGeek Gift card balance inquiry page here.
  • Enter card ID.
  • If your card have a PIN, Tick the “I have a pin” and input your PIN.
  • Tap on “I’m not a robot” box.
  • Click Search Gift Cards.

How to Purchase Think Geek Gift Card on

Sending the perfect present to friends and family has always been the stress of relationship for years now, but with ThinkGeek gift card, you give them the opportunity to make their choice at their convenient time.


  1. Go to
  2. Select amount.
  3. Type in a massage(optional).
  4. Select yes on(send Email) as delivery means. Or no if you want to hand over the card ID and PIN to card recipient as a surprise.
  5. Key in the date you want card to be delivered.
  6. Hit BUY NOW. and follow the next page prompt to finish your order.

Think Geek Gift card deals and offers

ThinkGeek have great discount for their loyal customers and guest for “EVERY THING ON SALE”. And as well as GEEK POINTS ON EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR SPENT.

  1. Free shipping on orders from $75 up.
  2. Geek points (earn 10 points for every $1 you spend). Click here to rack up points and qualify for FREE STUFF.
  3. Exciting discount on every sale.

Think Geek Gift virtual gift card features and restrictions

  1. Virtual cards are non-refundable.
  2. Do not accrue GeekPoints.
  3. Card may not be purchased using any discount or promotion code. Unless, stated in the offer.
  4. Card may Takes up to 1-Day to process.
  5. Gift card do not expire.
  6. Gift card may not be purchased using other gift cards.

Need help? Contact customer’s service support line at 1-888-GEEKSTUFF (1-888-433-5788) or 508-970-2002.