Starbucks company is an American coffee industry founded in 1971 with over 27,100 outlets or store located worldwide. What distinguished Starbucks from other coffee companies is their quality, taste and customer’s service experience. Loaded Starbucks Gift Card Balance satiates your appetite.Starbucks Gift Card is a perfect gift for coffee lovers of Starbucks fast food products such as coffee beverages,  baked goods, sandwiches and smoothies tea along side with its subsidiaries Ethos Water, Evolution Fresh, Hear Music, La Boulange Bakery, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Teavana and Torrefazione Italia. and as well keep track of your Starbucks Gift Card Balance.

Starbucks Gift Card Balance

Check your Starbucks Gift Card Balance

It’s dimmed important to always be in touch with your card remaining funds or balance. To do so follow my steps below.


  • Visit
  • Input your Card Number.
  • Type in your Card Security code.
  • Hit the ” Check balance ” button.

Starbucks Gift Card deals, offers and reward

  1. To earn Starbucks card rewards you have to sign up at and register your gift card or purchase one.

How the rewards works

  • Earn two stars for every $1 spent on any Starbucks products or items, when you use your registered Starbucks Gift Card and the app for purchase.
  • Hit gold status when you are able to earn 300 stars. Being a gold status you can redeem a reward for every 125 stars you collect or earn for a free food or drink.

How to Join Starbucks Rewards and accumulate Stars to qualify for reward

Option 1

For physical Starbucks Card, or Starbucks eGift card users, visit Follow the page and provide the required details to create an account and register one physical Starbucks Card (Plastic) or Starbucks  eGift Card (Electronics). Fund your card with at least $5 and above to activate your cards.(Plastic and Electronics).

Option 2

Go to your mobile device store(play store for Android devices and Apple Store for iPhone and iPad). Open the app and follow the Starbucks reward account creation tour and register your electronic card. Visit Starbucks reward page to See other ways you can earn Starbucks reward.

Reload your Starbucks Gift card

To reload your Starbucks Gift Card login to your account and click reload button, enter  the amount you want to add, you can as well set auto reload, select your payment method (credit card, PayPal), hit the “reload now” and you are good to go shopping again.

Amazing features of Starbucks Gift Card

  1. Funds transfer from one gift card to another.
  2. Balance reload and auto reload online.
  3. Card replacement when stolen or lost with card balance transferred to the newly issued replaced card.

Send a Starbucks eGift Card(electronic card) to your loved one

Starbucks eGift card is a virtual or digital Gift Card sent via email that your recipient can redeem and use in Starbucks store.


  • Visit Starbucks purchase page.
  • Choose an eGift design.
  • Type in Personal message.
  • Choose amount.
  • Enter an email address and press send.