The best place to get your chocolate candy is in See’s Candies company.¬†provide instructions on how to check your Sees Candy Gift Card Balance online, over the phone and in-store. See’s Candies are major manufacturer and distributors of chocolate, brittle, toffee, lollypops, etc. Their chocolate candy are in varieties; milk, dark, white, single flavor, sugar free, nuts and chews candy bar, truffles and soft centers chocolate. The gift card is perfect for all occasion, present a gift of candy to your friends and see how special they will feel. You can change the way you say thank you to people that have been of help, and as well put more value on how you send seasons greetings across to your friends and family by sending Sees Candy Gift Card on their special occasion or even make them feel special on a seemingly normal day.

Sees Candy Gift Card Balance

Check your Sees Candy Gift Card Balance

The gift card number and PIN is printed on the back of your gift card.


  • Tap Here.
  • Enter gift card number.
  • Input gift card security code.
  • Tick the “I’m not a robot” box.
  • Hit on the “CHECK BALANCE” button.

Check Gift Card Balance over the Phone

Alternatively you can inquire the remaining funds left on your gift card from the customer service line at (800) 347-7337. Note that you will need to provide your gift card number and pin.

Check Gift Card Balance in Store

Walk to a nearby Sees Candy store locations, to request your card balance before shopping, present your gift card to a customer associate. E-gift card users are to supply their gift card number and pin.

Sees Candy Deals and Offers

Enjoy group discount, free shipping on a specific order amount, and deals and promotion. Visit for more information.

Where to Buy Sees Candy Gift Card

Sees Candy Gift Card is in two variations; the physical and the digital version, and are available for purchase online and in-store.

Gift Card Terms and Conditions

  • Sees Candy Gift Card is redeemable online and at participating store locations.
  • GC is not redeemable for cash except where required by law.
  • Don’t have expiration date. But we advise you use up your gift card value less you forget.
  • No dormancy, maintenance nor monthly service fees is applied.
  • Sees Candy is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged gift card, and as such, there would be no gift card replacement. So treat gift card as you would to cash.
  • The Sees Candy Gift Card Balance is non-transferable and re-loadable.
  • GC cannot be used as payment method upon purchase of another gift card.

Need Help? Contact customer service support line at 800-347-7337 or 310-604-6200.