Allow your friends and family to choose what gift that best suits their occasion and celebrations by giving them a gifts of gift card, a loaded Red Robin Gift Card Balance makes a perfect gift mostly for food and drinks.

Red Robin Gift Card Balance

How to Check your Red Robin Gift Card Balance

To look-up your Red Robin Gift Card Balance, all that is needed is your gift card number, PIN, email address and your mobile phone number.


  • Go to Red Robin Gift Card balance inquiry page here.
  • Enter your Gift Card Number.
  • Input your gift card PIN.
  • Key in your email address.
  • Type your mobile phone number.
  • Tap “i’m not a robot” box.

Red Robin Gift Card Deals and Offers

Join the Red Robin royalty and enjoy special offers, discount surprises.

  1. Free birthday Burger.
  2. Get every 10th item of your purchase free.
  3. Get $20 at your 6th visit (you get $20 at your 6th purchase of any item).
  4. Special military rewards.
  5. Exclusive surprise rewards and lot more. Click here for more info.

Buy an E-Gift Card


  • Go to Red Robin Gift Card home page here.
  • Click on the “SEND ELECTRONICALLY” button.
  • Choose an gift card and click “NEXT STEP”.
  • Select gift card or enter amount.
  • Select gift card quantity.
  • Choose who the gift card is for (if it’s a gift, than fill recipient details).
  • Schedule a delivery, either “SEND NOW” or “SEND LATER”.
  • Click “ADD TO CART”, and proceed to “CHECK OUT” to complete your e-gift card order.

Purchase a Physical Gift Card

You can buy the traditional version of Red Robin Gift Card online, and get it delivered by mail.


  • Go to Red Robin Gift Card website here.
  • Choose a gift card and tap “NEXT STEP”.
  • Enter gift card amount or select an amount.
  • Select gift card quantity.
  • Choose who the gift card is for(if it’s a gift, enter the recipient name and your name and personal message).
  • Fill in shipping info.
  • Select shipping method (USPS stamped mail is FREE while FedEx 2 day is $8.31).
  • Hit “ADD TO CART” and proceed to checkout to complete your physical Gift Card order.

Purchase Gift Card in Bulks

To purchase bulk of Red Robin Gift Card both the digital and the physical version with a customized message and 10% discount on orders from $500 and above, click here to place an order.

For Canadians, to purchase, send, check and make bulk purchase your Red Robin gift card click here to visit the Red Robin Canada website.

Gift Card Features, Benefits and Restrictions

  1. Your gift card may not be exchanged for cash except if required by law.
  2. No monthly, dormancy or maintenance fees.
  3. Gift card balance may not be reloaded.
  4. Purchase your gift card with a minimum of $10 and maximum of $150 per gift card.