With Pre Paid Cards, you can Shop Online without a Credit Card with ease. Prepaid cards allow you to compare prices for the best deal. Since these cards are accepted on the internet for online purchases, you have no problem shopping from your own comfort zone.

You can as well use your debit cards for online shopping whether its Visa or MasterCard. To perform a transaction, swipe your card and supply your PIN. Or Input the 16-digit card number along with the expiration date, security code, and billing address (the address where you receive your bank statements). The money will be removed from the checking account linked to the debit card.Shop Online without a Credit Card

Pre Paid Cards; Your Checking Account

Some merchants allow you to use your checking account and routing information to make purchases. However, before you use this method to make purchases online, thoroughly check the payment options for the retailer to confirm you can use your checking information. You can as well verify the merchant’s credibility. Do you know that you can link your checking account to Paypal or request a debit card from your bank?

Prepaid Cards

When using prepaid cards, ensure that they have a major credit card network logo such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. These cards are very ideal for those who can’t get a credit card. To get a prepaid card, visit a local retailer like CVS, Walgreen, Chevron, or Walmart to make your online application.

Shop Online without a Credit Card by using Gift Cards

Gift cards are widely accepted. This is especially when they are from Visa or MasterCard. You can use them at any online store that accepts payment from that network. You can also use a retail-specific gift card to shop online, but typically only at that retailer’s website.

For instance, an iTunes gift card can be used at iTunes. You can purchase gift cards in the same places as prepaid cards.

Pre Paid Cards; Borrow Someone Else’s Card

Based on our creditworthiness with our friends, they often permit us to borrow their credit or debit cards. When you borrow somebody’s card, remember to enter the correct billing address so the payment will process correctly.

Due to fraudulent activities, many merchants do not permit shipping to different billing and shipping addresses. To avoid trouble, tag it a gift.

Conclusively, whatever form of payment you choose, Fraud protections are strongest for credit cards, so be careful shopping online with alternate payment methods. If you promptly report credit card fraud, with credit card protection you can recover some if not all your lost funds. With other cards, the case is quite different. Carefully review and be sure that you’re on a legitimate website. Not a site that will gather your account details and defraud you.