A funded Patco gift Card balance is the best gifts to your friends and loved ones for different animal supplies and sales of pet products and services as well as some kinds of live animals like fish, reptiles, small birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice for adoption, they as well offer services such as grooming and dog training with over 1,600 locations across the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Petco gift card exist in two variations the physical gift card and the E-gift card. And as well with different denominations ranging from $10 at minimum to $200 at maximum per gift card. Start sending the best gift card now to your friends and loved ones to put smile on their faces.

Petco Gift Card Balance

How to Check your Petco Gift Card Balance

Your petco gift card or egift card balance can be checked at any petco store or unleashed by petco locations in the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico. You can as well check your Petco gift card Balance by placing a call through petco customers service line at 1-800-853-7055.

Petco Gift Card Deals and Offers

  1. $10 OFF plus free shipping on purchase from $60 up. (Code; save10).
  2. 20% OFF on first repeated delivery(Code; RDSAVE20).
  3. FREE SHIPPING on $49.
  4. 40% OFF on Dog Beds.
  5. 30% OFF on stock purchased at boutique Halloween collection. And lot more when you click on the sales tab, on the website.

How to Purchase Petco Plastic Gift Card

  • Visit the gift card purchase page here.
  • Pick a gift card design.
  • Enter gift card quantity.
  • Key in about or select card amount.
  • Fill in the delivery information.
  • Click “CALCULATE SHIPPING OPTION”, to choose from any option convenient for you.
  • Tap “ADD TO CART”, and “CHECKOUT to complete your order.

How to Purchase E-Gift Card

  • Go to e-gift card purchase page here.
  • Pick a gift card design or add your own photo.
  • Enter or select gift card amount.
  • Choose method of delivery; either via email or printed and fill up the card recipient details.
  • Click “ADD TO CART” and “CHECK OUT” to complete your order.

Petco Gift Card Features, Benefits and Restrictions

  1. Both plastic and e-gift card may be used at petco and unleashed by petco stores and online.
  2. Free delivery for e-gift card within 4-6 business day.
  3. Gift card cannot be redeemed for cash except if required by law.
  4. Gift card don’t have expiration dates.
  5. Petco gift card is non re-loadable.
  6. No maintenance, monthly or dormancy fees applied.
  7. A minimum of $10 and a maximum of $200 per card is allowed.