Papa John’s is an American restaurants franchise company with over 5,000 locations nationwide and internationally, the company focuses on take-out and pizza delivery, the best pizza gift would be that of a loaded Papa John’s Gift Card Balance. Place your order and get it delivered any time and anywhere.

Papa John's Gift Card Balance

How to Check your Papa John’s Gift Card Balance

Make your order online and in-store, but before that, you might as well need to know the remaining funds on your Papa John’s gift card balance, for faster and accurate transactions.


  • Go to Papa John’s Gift Card home page here.
  • Click “Check Card Balance”.
  • Enter gift card 19-digit PIN.
  • Input 4-digit gift card number.
  • Check “I’m not a robot” box.
  • Hit “SUBMIT”.

How to Purchase E-gift Card

Gift cards are available at Kroger, Papa John’s restaurants, Wal-Mart locations,  and other grocery retailers, as well as online. to buy e-gift card online at, follow the below steps.


  1. Go to Papa John’s Gift Card home page here.
  2. Tap “Buy egift card”.
  3. Choose who the gift card is for and fill in their information.
  4. Click “Pick a gift card”.
  5. Choose a gift card design and tap “HOW MUCH”.
  6. Select card amount and quantity.
  7. Click “ADD TO CART”.
  8. Hit “CHECK OUT” to finish gift card purchase.

Buy Gift Card in Bulk

To purchase gift card in large amount and quantity call the customers toll-free line at 1-866-528-4438.

How to Reload Papa John’s Gift Card

Papa John’s gift card is reloadable, so if you are running out of fund on your gift card you can refill your card balance, within some minutes. You can reload your gift card balance through phone call and in-store. reload over the phone call 1-877-850-1977, reload in-store, to reload in-store locate any papa john’s restaurant location near you and present your gift card to any customer attendant.

Gift Card Features, Benefits and Restrictions

  1. Gift card is redeemable in over 5,000 restaurants locations in the United States.
  2. Papa John’s Gift Card don’t have expiration dates.
  3. You can’t purchase another gift card with Papa John’s Gift Card.
  4. Your gift card cannot be exchanged for cash except if required by law.
  5. No monthly, dormancy nor maintenance fees.
  6. E-gift card is sent via email almost instantly.
  7. You can purchase Papa John’s Physical gift card at the restaurants locations nearest to you.
  8. Gift card can only contain a minimum amount of $5 and a maximum of $100.

Need Help? Call the customers service care line at 1-877-850-1977.