Panera is a fast food industry wildly known as Panera bread, founded in 1987 and operate in the United States and Canada which, they offers divers kinds of products including varieties of bread such as bagel and baguettes, cold sandwiches, hot Panini, salads, soups, coffee and teas, pastas, espresso drinks and lot more. Amazingly you check your Panera Gift Card Balance and set automatic balance reload and shop for your favorite product.

At over 2,500 outlet or stores scattered nationwide. Panera was judged North America’s healthiest fast food restaurants in June 2014. Panera Gift Card is the best gift card gifts you can give to friends and family members and employees.

Panera Gift Card Balance

Check your Panera Gift Card Balance

You can check your Panera Gift Card balance in three different ways, Panera Gift Card Balance can be checked in Panera stores, online and by calling their automated balance inquiry line. To check your Panera Gift Card Balance online your card must have Card Number and PIN.



Call their customer’s automated balance inquiry line at 1-877-218-5366. to check your Panera Gift Card balance Better still you can locate/visit any of their nearby Local bakery-cafe or store to check your card balance.

Helpful info about Panera Gift Card

  • Panera gift don’t expire.
  • Your card balance last as long as your card is valid.
  • eGift cards and promotional card can’t be reloaded.

Purchase a Panera Gift Card

Panera gift card can be purchased or brought at any Panera Bread Bakery- cafe and in some third party retailers online. You should know as well that Panera gift card is in two variations or form, the virtual Panera gift card and the Physical Plastic Panera gift cards.

  • For Virtual gift card purchase click here.
  • To buy the physical plastic Gift Card click here.

Note that Panera Gift Card also offers bulk purchase for companies and cooperation’s, Panera business gift card bulk purchase comes with discounts but only on a value purchase of $1,000 or more. And gift card purchased online can be redeemed in the United States. Shipping fees of $30 is applied. Place your order now. Visit Here.

Panera Gift Card deals and offers

Occasionally Panera offers an amazing discount to their loyal customers nationwide, we have researched places where you can purchase Panera Gift Card at a good discount. Discount ranges from 5.0% to 6.7% depending on the card value you want to purchase. To grab one for yourself and for your friends and loved ones visit HERE.