A gifts with a random shopping experience, all in a loaded pacsun gift card balance. Pacsun is a retail clothing brand geared towards youth oriented culture and life style, offering varieties of lifestyle apperal, footwear and accessories specifically for teens and young adults with over 650 stores in all the 50 states in the United States.

The best way to congratulate your children for their best performance in school, their graduation ceremony, birthday parties and other seasonal occasions could be a pacsun gift card present.

Pacsun Gift Card Balance

How to Check your Pacsun Gift Card Balance

Knowing your gift card balance makes shopping exciting, its simple and quick. With the below guild you can check your pacsun gift card balance.


  • Go to pacsun gift card home page here.
  • Scroll down the page a bit, and enter your Gift Card number.
  • Input your gift card PIN.

Purchase a Pacsun Gift Card

Pacsun gift card is in two variations the physical gift card and the digital gift card, you can send the pacsun digital gift card via email instantly or the pacsun physical gift card by mail. its easy, simple and quick.


  • Go to pacsun gift card home page here, and click “SEND BY MAIL”.
  • Choose a gift card design and select Gift Card value, tap “Continue”.
  • Fill the recipient details and personalize your gift card.
  • Set delivery date and click “continue”, proceed to checkout to complete your order.

Pacsun Gift Card Deals and Offers

Enjoy amazing discount and offers when you shop in-store and online.

  1. Denim starting at $19.
  2. 50% OFF  on Markdowns.
  3. Teens buy one and get one(50% OFF).

For more seasonal promotions, discount and offers you can visit pacsun.com, you can as well register with your email address to receive updates on the current deals and promotional offers.

Gift Card Features, Benefits and Restrictions

  1. No dormancy, monthly or maintenance fees.
  2. Each Gift Card contains a minimum purchase value of $5 and a maximum of $500.
  3. Your gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash except if required by law.
  4. Pacsun gift card don’t have expiration dates.
  5. If your gift card got lost, stolen or damaged it may be replaced with the remaining funds or balance credit to the replaced one.
  6. Gift card can be used in-store and online for purchases of different items and products.

Need Help? Contact customers service support desk here, if you Lost or came across some problems using your gift card.