Kroger is an American retailing company that operates either directly or through its subsidiaries with over 2,700 supermarket and multiple department stores. Kroger Gift Card Balance gives gift card users an amazing shopping experience. Whether you are shopping for your family or friends a Kroger Gift card is always appreciated. Kroger Gift Card comes in different denominations from $15, $25, $50, $100 to $250.

Kroger Gift Card Balance

How to check your Kroger Gift Card Balance


  • Go to Kroger Gift Card Balance inquiry page.
  • Enter Card Number.
  • Input Card PIN.
  • Tap “check Balance Now”.

Alternatively if your card has no PIN, you can call customer’s service line at 1-866-822-6252 to check your Kroger Gift Card Balance.

How to Purchase a Kroger E-Gift Card Online

To buy a Kroger Gift card online visit Kroger Gift card purchase page here.

  • Choose a card that suits the occasion.
  • Enter amount.
  • Key in Card quantity.
  • Tap “Add to cart”.
  • Go to top of the page, click on the “shopping cart” and complete your order.

Corporate gift card Purchase

The best way to motivate your employees and as well build customer loyalty might be a present of a Kroger Gift card. So with Kroger corporate purchase a lot can be done with a single card copy including gaining customers loyalty and dedication, incent new clients, employees and distributors to patronize your products.

Corporate purchase benefits

  1. You stand to gain discount in pricing.
  2. Pay by ACH or Check and stand a chance for great savings.
  3. Place future orders, once your business account is registered and validated.

How to make corporate purchase

  • Create an account.
  • Register your business or company.
  • Place an order.
  • Your orders is processed once your account is validated.
  • Cards are shipped to your specified location or address.
  • E-Gift Cards are sent directly to all recipient.

To register your business or company for corporate account visit and tap “Register Now”.

How to purchase corporate gift card


  • Visit the corporate gift card purchase page here.
  • Select card value or enter amount.
  • Enter card recipient details.
  • Tap “Add to cart” and proceed to complete your order on your shipping cart.

Kroger Gift Card features and benefits

  1. Kroger Gift Card is re-loadable.
  2. Card has no expiration dates.
  3. No customers service fees, monthly or dormancy charge.
  4. Both physical and egift card are non-refundable But if the intended recipient does not receive their gift card or if accidentally deletes an egift card without usage, contact customer’s service help line (844) 489-3511, or submit a request on their customer  support page for refund.
  5. The Physical Gift card can’t be embossed.

If you Need Help contact customer’s service line at (844) 489-3511.