Kona Grill Gift Card Balance – Give the gift of Kona Grill Kitchen, sushi and cocktails and plug yourself and gift recipients to delicious taste that you get served, when you visit Kona Grill restaurant. Make choices from the menu and enjoy meals like spicy tuna roll, wave roll, coconuts shrimp roll, California and athletic roll, fish tacos etc. Whatever occasion deserves a delicious taste to add a flavor. Be it a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Father’s and Mother’s Day. It can all be spent with Kona Grill Gift Card. Enjoy happy hour, the best moment of discount on some meals at Kona grill restaurant. You can as well enjoy special offers and rewards for loyal customers only, plus exclusive deals and promotion.

Kona Grill Gift Card Balance

Check your Kona Grill Gift Card Balance

With your card number and PIN code, you can look-up the remaining funds on your gift card online, in a store or by calling (480) 922-8100.


A PIN, What is it? It’s Personal Identification Number that is unique to each gift card, printed on the back of the plastic card. Most times for security purposes the PIN code is always covered with a silver film. Which is to be altered by the gift recipient by gently scratching away the silver strip to reveal the gift card PIN code.

eGift cards

For flexibility, an eGift card needed to come in play. An eGift card is the electronic version of gift cards in digital forms. It comes in handy for online and sometimes for store purchases.

How to purchase an E-Gift Card


  • Go to Kona Grill Gift Card home page.
  • Choose the amount or denominations you want to be loaded on the gift card.
  • Key in how many gift card you want to process at one checkout.
  • Enter the recipient details.
  • Customize the gift card (optional).
  • Done shopping Add to bag or cart.
  • Proceed to Checkout.

Mail a Traditional Gift Card

Physical gift card otherwise called traditional gift card depicts the similar debit or credit card we often use for transactions. Physical gift cards are delivered by mail, you can also pick it up at the brand store. The traditional gift card transaction details are always printed on it(the gift card number and the PIN code) Plastic or traditional gift card is designed for in-store purchases but can be used for online purchases so long as it has a card number and a PIN.

How to Mail a Gift Card


  • Go to Kona Grill Gift Card home page.
  • Choose the purchase amount.
  • Enter the gift card quantity to buy.
  • Customize the gift card (optional).
  • Add to cart.
  • Checkout.