iTunes gift card is to make purchase in iTunes stores, it is made for shopping in an iTunes store using iTunes card as payment. The card is easy to use  and can do all your online transactions. It can replace the credit card when you are making a purchase in an iTunes store. You can buy this card from any store. At the back of it, is a gift code that you can enter to redeem the card to put the amount in your iTunes account.

Card holders can use it to buy music, movies, audio books, podcasts, broadcasts, videos and programs. If you have no credit card, or are reluctant to give your credit card information to Apple, use iTunes gift card. It is perfectly ideal for making purchases in the iTunes stores. To access this card, click on the iTunes gift card Login.itunes gift card

How to sign into Apple for iTunes  CARD

  1. With your browser, go to Apple’s homepage and download the iTunes program.
  2. Open the program when the download is complete and allow it to load.
  3. Create an iTunes account for yourself
  4. Click the word store
  5. Tap create Apple ID
  6. Click continue
  7. Review the terms, click on the small box at the bottom right and click Agree.

Apple will demand for your email address and date of birth and   a password. Thereafter set up your security questions.

Sign in: Using an already existing account or the new ID just created, you can sign in. You know you are already signed in to your account when your music library appears.

If the iTunes store appears when you open iTunes, the account email address is in the upper left hand area of the gray tab at the top in the “iTunes store” area.

How to redeem the iTunes  Card

  1. With your card handy, open the iTunes store.
  2. Navigate to the word Manage.
  3. Click Redeem: Here, enter the 16 digit gift card code that is on the back of your card. The amount of the gift card is applicable to your iTunes account, as you make purchase.

Most people prefer this payment method, because  it acts as your credit card and  keeps your credit card information that you do not wish to share.