In this article, you will learn how to get a credit card without a job. On daily basis, one needs a credit card to carry out certain transactions. We need a credit card to book a flight, to book a hotel or make purchases. It is possible to get a card without a job as long as you have a steady source of to get a credit card without a job

How to Get a Credit Card Without a Job ; Income is The Most Important

Since you have no employment information, the credit card application demands your total annual income. Here, add your alimony, child support, or any other income you want  for repaying your credit card balance. To calculate this: multiply your weekly income by 52; multiply bi-monthly income by 24; multiply income you receive every other week by 26, and multiply monthly income by 12.

How to Get a Credit Card Without a Job ; Having a job is not a credit card requirement

Credit card requirement is employment and income information not job information. Choose whether you’re a student, government worker, homemaker, self-employed worker, or unemployed. Some applications may ask the name of your employer, but allow you to enter “None” if you don’t have an employer. You can be self employed or a business owner to get a credit card.

Apply jointly with somebody

Apply with somebody as an authorized user or  a joint account holder.  Here you use the card and responsibly pay for your expenses. Your income and credit history are not considered when you’re added as an authorized user.

However,  a joint account holder offers you  the rights and responsibilities of using the credit card. When you apply jointly, your income and credit history are considered alongside that of the other applicant. Furthermore, if the other applicant has enough income, you can get a card without a job.

Supply Somebody’s Income

In case you are over age 21, supply someone’s income on your credit card application if the person is your spouse or a parent. For instance, if your spouse frequently deposits a certain amount  to your account, you can use the amount that’s transferred as your income. However, if you have no access to a joint account and nobody regularly send money to your account monthly, do not fill it in.

Go For A Secured Credit Card

Because you’re making a security deposit as collateral, secured credit cards easily approve your application. They will demand certain information including your income. But it is easier to get approval. With the Capital One Secured MasterCard, your security deposit can be $49 for a $200 credit limit, based on your creditworthiness. In this case, the bigger your security deposit, the bigger your credit limit will be. The Discover it Secured is also an appealing secured credit card. It rewards you for credit card purchases.

Conclusively, do not apply for a card you cannot pay for,  simply leave it. When you are more financially stable to take care of the bills, then you apply for them.