This article discuses How To Fly Free. Do you know that with Credit cards  you can earn free miles to travel to any part of the world?  You only need to judiciously use a travel rewards credit to fly free

How to Fly Free ; Get a Great Travel Rewards Credit Card—or Two

You MUST  have excellent credit to qualify for the best travel rewards credit cards. This is due to all the rewards that it offers. However, if you do not have an excellent credit, work hard to rebuild it. Pay your monthly dues before due date and avoid overspending.

Moreover  travel rewards credit cards are of  two groups ;

  • Brand-specific credit cards; they pay greater rewards on purchases with a specific airline or hotel.
  • General purpose credit cards that pay higher rewards on all travel purchases.

An individual can use many credit cards. With many cards, you can’t get stranded. You will also earn many rewards in different categories. Some cash back credit cards can also be used to help you pay for travel. But, you must choose a card that pays more cash back in the areas that you spend the most. Shop for cards with no foreign transaction fees, complimentary companion tickets, waived checked baggage fees. Do not forget that the best credit cards come with an annual fee.

How to Fly Free ; Make Travel Related Purchases

In order to get free travel with your credit card rewards, you MUST earn a lot of rewards. Use your credit card frequently, make a lot of travel related purchases.  If your card  offers free miles for other categories of purchases, grab the opportunity. The more you use your credit card, the more rewards you can earn. Make purchases from the category you earn the best rewards.

How to Fly Free ; Earn the Sign-up Bonus

Travel rewards credit cars give very enticing signup bonuses. Some of the bonuses are so big that you earn a free flight right away. To earn a signup bonus, you only have to spend a specified  amount on your card within the first 90 days of account opening. Interestingly, many credit cards permit you earn an additional bonus when you have a co-applicant. He or she doesn’t have to make any purchases to earn the bonus. But, having an authorized user can not only help you earn the spending bonus, but it can also help you earn rewards. Just make sure you can afford to pay off the purchases the authorized user makes on the credit card.

Additionally, the signup bonus should be easy to earn. The specified amount to be spent in order to earn the bonus should be affordable to you. It should be within your budget. If it is, try to earn it on time. This is because with many credit cards, takes about 4 to 6 weeks after you’ve earned the bonus for it to be credited to your account. It can as well reach five months from your account opening before you receive your spending bonus.

Join the Hotel and Airline Loyalty Programs

Do you know that many  hotels and airlines have loyalty programs that will also pay rewards for your stays and flights?  Signing up for these programs are completely free. Utilize your loyalty rewards number while booking and use your credit card to earn many more rewards.

The point of loyalty programs is to reward you for frequent usage. So, stick to the same hotel and airline brands as much as you can. Also you may  move up in status levels and get more  perks and bonus points on your flights and hotel stays.

Avoid balance transfers and cash advances.

Whenever you carry out balance transfers and cash advances, you must pay their fees. The balance transfer fee is always high even when the  credit card has a 0% promotional rate. It is even worse when the balance transfer amount is very big. Balance transfers and cash advances do not give  rewards.

Always Pay on Time to Avoid Forfeiting Your Rewards

Always AVOID late payments, they prevent you from enjoying and redeeming your rewards. Am sure you will not want to lose out after spending heavily to earn a particular travel trip reward. Pay on or before the due date.

Listen to Rewards Program Changes

Credit card terms and conditions change from time to time. Keep yourself abreast of these changes. Call your customer care service or visit your credit card’s website to know about them. When you learn about the changes, try to adjust to them so that you can enjoy the rewards consistently.

Always Pay Your Balance in Full

The most ideal thing to do by rewards credit cardholders is to always pay their balances in full.  This will enable you achieve and keep excellent credit which will allow you to qualify for better credit card offers. It will also keep you from other exorbitant interests, late payment fees and debts.  These charges can give you a bad credit. To actually use your credit card for free, pay off all your charges  monthly and  avoid interest.

Redeem Your Rewards Immediately

How you can redeem your rewards vary from one credit card to another. Use your rewards to book travel via the card’s online booking tool, or  redeem your rewards for a statement credit. In case you choose the statement credit , charge the travel to your credit card and use your rewards to credit the account for the amount of the travel. If you don’t want to end up paying off the balance, redeem your rewards immediately.