Do you want to learn how to close a credit card without the account number? This article gives detailed information about the procedures. In a bid to improve your credit report, you may see some open credit cards that are no longer with you. You cannot easily close the card since you do not have the complete account number. However, in this work, you will understand that credit card accounts are sometimes linked to your personal information. This information includes your social security number, with it you can easily close the credit card without an account to close a credit card

How to Close a Credit Card Without the Account Number; Is It Really Necessary To Close the Card?

There are some credit cards that just have to remain open. Totally avoid closing the following credit cards;

  1. Credit card with the best terms.
  2. Your only credit card with available credit
  3. Credit cards with balances.
  4. Your oldest credit card.

If the credit card still has a balance, pay off all the balance before closing it. This will keep your credit score safe.

How to Close a Credit Card Without the Account Number; Get the Account Number From the Credit Card Company 

A credit report always contains the contact information of the company issuing the card. If you cannot see a phone number, you will see a mailing address or an email. Call or mail the company, inform them about how you lost your credit card and its number. In this case, you just have to supply to the customer service some identifying information to look up your account. But the company may not give you this number on phone for security reasons. You may meet them in person.

Close the Account Over the Phone

Convince the representative to send or give your account number. In a situation that it does not work, let them at least send the last four digits of the account number over the phone, write it down for future reference, and then request to have the credit card closed.

Follow up in Writing

When you close your credit card by phone, make sure you send a certified letter to the credit card issuer confirming your request to have your credit card closed. The letter must have your address, name, and last four digits of the account number. Inform them that you demanded to have your credit card account closed on a particular date and that you want your credit record to show that the account was closed at your request.​ To verify that your account is closed, give them some weeks and check afterward.