A loaded Groupon Gift card balance fires you up with almost everything you need start with home and office electronics, health and beauty products, grocery and household, jewelry and watches etc. Gift card shoulders off the responsibility going to get the gift yourself, still at the end of it all the gift recipient may not like or have need of that particular gift at that time, making you appear insensitive to the needs and wants of your loved ones. To be on a safer side, send them a Groupon eGift card or mail a physical gift card as a birthday present, thank you surprise, Valentine’s Day gift and lot more. Groupon gift card is just perfect for every occasion.

Groupon Gift Card BalanceHow to Check Groupon Gift Card Balance

We are here for you! All we do is to help you look-up the remaining funds on your gift cards, including your Groupon Gift Card Balance. at online, over the phone and in-store.


The gift card number and pin is printed on the back of your gift card.

To check your Groupon Gift Card Balance online;

  • Tap here.
  • Key in your gift card number.
  • Input the gift card PIN.
  • Submit.

Option 2

Alternatively, you can check your gift card balance over the phone by calling (877) 788-7858. You will need to supply your gift card number and pin.

Option 3

Know the remaining balance on your Groupon Gift Card by stopping at nearby store location to request your gift card balance from a customer associate.

Groupon Deals and Offers

Groupon offers woof deals of the day promo, coupons, cyber Mondays and lot more. You can sign up at the company’s website.

Where to Buy Groupon Gift Card

Groupon issues two gift card forms; the digital and the physical gift card. Which are available for purchase online and in-store locations.

Order Groupon gift card Online


  1. Visit the gift card website.
  2. Pick a design.
  3. Choose gift card amount and quantity.
  4. Enter gift card delivery details.
  5. Add to cart.
  6. Checkout.

How to Redeem your Gift Card


  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Sign in.
  3. Select “my gift” from the “my stuff”  from the drop-down menu.
  4. Tap on redeeming a gift card button.

Key Note

  • Groupon gift card doesn’t have an expiration.
  • No service or dormancy fee is applied.
  • Cannot be used to purchase another gift card.
  • Is not redeemable for cash unless where required by law.
  • GC balance isn’t transferable.
  • Cannot be reloaded.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged gift card may not be replaced without a valid proof of purchase. And as such only the cash left on the gift card as of the time it was reported stolen or lost.