Google Play is a digital distribution service developed and operated by Google. It serves as the Official App Store for Android operating system. With a credited Google Play Gift Card Balance, you can browse and download applications and as well as music, magazines, games, books, movies and television programs.

Since applications such as games and other services oriented applications are available through Google Play either as free of charge or at a cost, your Google Play Gift card make it sorry easy to download Millions of paid Apps, music, games,books,  movies and lot more. As of 2017 Google Play features over 3.7 million android applications and has spread with users on over 148 countries. Google Play Gift cards make an excellent gift.

Google Play Gift Card Balance

How to check Google Play Gift Card Balance

Your Google Play Gift Card Balance is converted to credit which can be used for App, music, and game purchase in play store. You can check your credit balance on Google Play Store app.


  • Open Google Play Store app.
  • Tap Account and follow the app prompt to check your credit.

How and where to purchase Google Play Gift card

Google Play Gift Card is available online and at stores, you can buy card at any of the Google Play Gift Card third party. Visit here for the list of google Play third party retailers both online and at local stores.

How to redeem your Google Play Gift Card Using your computer

Google play gift card can be redeemed in seconds with click, no credit card is required.


  • Go to google play Store web, with your browser. (logged in already, if not login into your account).
  • Scroll down to the page and Tap Redeem Now.
  • Enter the gift card number.
  • Hit Redeem.

Redeem Google gift card using an Android Device

  • Download the Google Play Store app.
  • Login into your Google Play store account with your gmail and password( don’t have account yet sign up with your details and get a new gmail account)
  • At the left corner of your play store, Tap Redeem.
  • Enter card number.
  • Hit Redeem.

Use your gift code and Promo code


  • Open google play store app.
  • Tap on Menu.
  • Click Redeem.
  • Enter your Gift code or Promo code.
  • Hit Redeem.

Google Play Gift Card Terms and conditions

  1. No fees apply to google gift card.
  2. Google gift card has no expiration dates.
  3. No card replacement.
  4. Google Play Gift Card is used for purchase of eligible items only.