Make profitable groceries, pharmaceuticals, photos, dry cleaning, banking etc, with Giant Eagle gift card Balance. Giant Eagle stands as one of the supermarket retailer in the United States; states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana and Maryland. It features convenience services, like pharmacies, in-store banking and dry cleaning. Founded in 1931, Giant Eagle, has a total of 32,000 employees, and had a total number of 417 store locations. Gift card helps you save at a full service grocery store, and offers convenient services, which helps you celebrate special occasions with those you love and cherish.

Giant Eagle Gift Card Balance

How to Check You Giant Eagle Gift Card Balance

follow the below instructions to check your giant eagle gift card Balance;


  • Go to Gift card home page.
  • Tap “GIFT CARD BALANCE”, on the page top.
  • Enter gift card number.

Giant Eagle Deals and Offers

  • SAVE UP TO 5% on bulk purchases Plus free shipping.
  • Enjoy deals on other gift card brand on giant

How to Reload Gift Card Balance

To add funds on your gift card;

  • Go to giant eagle gift card home page.
  • Tap “RELOAD CARD”.
  • Enter gift card number (12 or 19-digit).
  • Input amount to add.
  • Key in recipient email.
  • Type in personal message.
  • Hit “ADD TO CART”, and proceed to checkout to add funds on your gift card balance.

Mail a Plastic Gift Card


  • Go to giant eagle gift card website.
  • Tap “GIFT CARD BALANCE”, and click “SHOP NOW”.
  • Select gift card amount.
  • Enter gift card quantity.
  • Hit “ADD TO CART”.
  • Go to your “CART” and click “CHECK OUT”, to process your gift card purchase.

Gift Card Purchase in Bulk

To purchase giant eagle gift card in large quantity go to giant eagle gift card home page and tap “BUY IN BULK”, Or call 1-800-433-1820 to place your order. With a 5% discount.

Gift Card Features, Benefits and Restrictions

  • No dormancy, monthly or maintenance fees charge.
  • Gift card cannot be exchanged for cash except if required by law.
  • Your gift card balance can be reloaded, when you run out of funds.
  • Gift card don’t have expiration dates, but we recommend you use it before it is forgotten or misplaced.
  • Your gift card may not be used to purchase other gift card.
  • Giant Eagle plastic gift cards are available online at and in-store locations in the United States.
  • Gift card, comes in different denominations ranging from $25, $50, $100, $150, $200, $300, to $500.