Finish Line Gift Card Balance makes a great gifts for friends and loved ones, gift card is a gift of choice for any occasion and celebrations. Finish line sells athletic shoes, apparel and accessories, and operates over 500 stores in 47 states in the United States.

Finish Line Gift Card Balance

How to Check your Finish Line Gift Card Balance

Knowing your finish line gift card balance before order placement or purchase at stores and online is the best ideal, to avoid card decline. It’s very easy.


  • Go to finish line gift card page here.
  • Scroll down a bit and enter gift card number.
  • Input Gift card PIN.
  • Check the “I’m not a robot” box.

How to Buy a Physical Gift Card

Get your gift card shipped to your home or pick-up at any nearby finish line store for free. Physical gift card is accepted online and in store.


  1. Go to finish line gift card purchase page and click “BUY NOW” at the “GIFT CARD” interface.
  2. Pick gift card amount.
  3. Choose shipping method.
  4. Enter gift card quantity.
  5. Hit “ADD TO BAG”.
  6. Proceed to checkout to complete your gift card order.

Send an E-Gift Card

Place your order and it arrives in recipient email in few minutes, and it’s valid at both in store and online.


  • Go to finish line e-gift card purchase page, and tap “BUY NOW” under the “E-GIFT CARD” interface.
  • Pick an e-gift card design and click “NEXT”.
  • Select an e-gift card amount.
  • Select e-gift card quantity.
  • Choose who the gift card is for, and fill in the recipient and the senders info.
  • Schedule your delivery dates, either click “SEND NOW” or “SEND LATER”.
  • Tap “ADD TO CART” and proceed to checkout to process your order.

How to Redeem an E-Gift Card Online

To redeem an e-gift online, enter your e-gift card number and pin on the payment page at checkout. You can as well redeem your e-gift card at store by presenting the original e-gift card email printed, with e-gift card number and pin, at time of purchase.

Gift Gift Features , Benefits and Restrictions

  1. E-Gift card is redeemable online at and in store.
  2. No monthly, dormancy nor maintenance fees.
  3. Finish Line Gift Card may not be exchanged for cash except if required by law.
  4. You cannot reload your gift card balance, when out of funds, you can only purchase a new gift card.
  5. Gift card don’t have expiration dates.
  6. Delivery period for e-gift card is within 2 hours.
  7. You may not get a replacement of your gift card when lost, stolen or damaged.
  8. E-gift cannot be used to purchase other e-gift cards.