The Famous Footwear Gift Card is ideal for cheerful givers. The store is an Australian Footwear company. It sells a vast range of shoes in all styles and sizes. Famous Footwear opines  that quality  shoes should be superb, fit properly and be affordable for all women.

With an online footwear collection, that features different  brands of beauty, comfort and value, they offer you . Here you can buy shoes that fits your personality and support your lifestyle at any given time. To access this card, click on the Famous Footwear Gift Card Login.famous footwear gift card

Famous footwear Gift Card Payment Methods

Use the following payment methods when shopping with Famous Footwear.

NAB Transact 

The NAB Transact Payment Gateway, is used for its online credit card transactions.

 NAB Transact 

NAB Transact processes online credit card transactions for many Australian Merchants.  It gives a safe and secure means of collecting payments through the internet.

How NAB Transact Works 

  • It uses NAB supplied 128 bit SSL security certificate.  Also, it generates a fingerprint as an encrypted record of the amount you pay .
  • NAB Transact does not touch your funds. It directly transfers all money from your credit card to the merchant account held by Famous Footwear
  • NAB Transact, reduces risk of fraud through 3D Secure and CVN capabilities.
  • Compliance: Does not save card details to ensure simple compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.
  • It completely hides your complete credit card number from Famous Footwear or any other outside party.
  • 3-D Secure makes internet based card payments safe It uses an online connection between cardholders and their bank at the time of purchase. Cardholders, are to verify their identity as part of the payment transaction protecting them from fraudulent transactions (only available to customer signed up with 3-D Security.)

You may pay for Famous Footwear Gift Card through PayPal 

However, Famous Footwear is PayPal as a payment option. PayPal offers one of the most secure payment platforms in the world.

How PayPal Works 

  • To buy, sell or transfer money, PayPal gives you an extra layer of security.
  • You do not need to share your financial information with the person receiving or sending the money, to avoid you exposing your details online or in public.
  • All your financial information (like your bank account details and your credit card number) is securely stored and encrypted on PayPal servers.

For More Information about Famous Footwear Gift Card

(888869-1053, call for general information and inquiries concerning Famous Footwear payment methods.