Eastbay Gift Card Balance – is a subsidiary of Footlocker. An American store chain that carries sports equipment, apparels, and accessories. It was founded in the year 1980 and has grown to have about 3,000 employees. Eastbay basically does a direct internet supplies, through mail catalog and online stores.

Gift card helps take the responsibility off you and helps your recipients choose what they want themselves, which is ideal for them on your account. Celebrating a special person and occasion has never been dull with the Eastbay gift cards or any other brands of Foot Locker gift card, as it enables customers, customize the gift card, to suit their specification and special need. The gift card comes in a plastic, and electronic versions, with denominations ranging from $5 and can be used in-store or online. Check Radio Shack Gift Card Balance.

Eastbay Gift Card Balance

Check your Eastbay Gift Card Balance

Check your gift card balance

With your card number and PIN code, you can look-up the remaining funds on your gift card online, in-store or by calling the customer care line printed on the back of your gift card.

Email an eGift Card


  • Go to Eastbay Gift Card website, using your browser from your electronic gadgets. (PC, iOS or Android).
  • Select a face value or the denomination you would want to send to the gift recipient.
  • Enter the quantity of gift card you would want to send, a multiple of ten gift card at one checkout.
  • Key in The sender and the recipient details.
  • Add a personal message or note that you would want the gift recipient to read. (optional).
  • If you are done shopping and filling up all the required field click “Add to bag”.
  • Proceed to the checkout process.

How to Redeem Gift Card

At checkout, a combination of two or more gift card can be used or you can as well combine gift card with other payment options like MasterCard, Visa card, PayPal account etc.But it depends solely on the vendor’s terms of purchase. To redeem a gift card online, enter the gift card number and pin on the payment page during the checkout process. Also, view how to redeem Amazon Gift Card.


Note, if your purchase total is less than the amount on the gift card, your leftover amount/value remains on your gift card balance for future purchases. In the same way, If purchase total is more than the balance on the gift card, you will need to combine the gift card with other payment options or another gift card accepted by the vendor to off-set your bills.