The Dillard’s credit card is perfect for carrying out all online bank transactions. It is used to pay bills, transfer funds and more. The card is used to pay for store purchases. Some customers may be eligible for a Dillard’s American Express card, which offers additional loyalty benefits. To  access this card, click on the Dillard’s credit card Login.Dillard’s credit card

Rewards/ Features of the Dillard’s credit card

  1. You choose your reward: either $10 merchandise certificate or 10% rewards shopping pass for the day of your choice. American Express card offers extra perks such as automatic extended warranty and retail protection and emergency travel assistance.
  2. No cash advance APR for store card. For American Express card, 26.99% APR.
  3. Up to $37 late payment fee.
  4. Earn a 10% rewards shopping pass when you open an account and charge at least $100.
  5. Purchases APR for store card is either 22.99% or 24.99% APR depending upon your creditworthiness. For American Express card, 9.99% to 24.99% APR depending upon your creditworthiness.
  6. No Cash advance fee for store card. For American Express card, either $10 or 4% of the advance–whichever is greater

Requirements of the Dillard’s credit card

  • Be 18 years  or older.
  • Have a valid Social Security number.
  • You have a valid driver’s license or non-driver ID.

How to Apply for the Dillard’s credit card

Step 1 – Visit this  application page.  Review the card benefits. Click on the “Apply Today” buutton

Stage 2 – Choose your language preference: English or Spanish. Supply your full legal name, Social Security number, email address, date of birth, street address, housing status and phone number.

Step 3 – Select the state of your driver’s license or non-driver photo ID card. Provide your mother’s maiden name.

Supply  your employer’s name, a work phone number, and your net annual income.

Review the terms and condition carefully, then submit your application.

How to Login

Step 1 – Click here to visit the Dillard’s account management center. Input your username and password, then click the “Sign On” button to proceed. If you can’t remember your login credentials, click on the “Forgot your username or password?” link  for assistance.


If this is your first visit to the Dillard’s account center,  enroll in online account management services. Click on the “New User? Enroll Now.” link on the welcome page to begin.

Enter your credit card number, the last four digits of your Social Security number, your date of birth, and your email address. Click  the “Continue” button,  agree to the terms and conditions and create secure login credentials.

For More Information


Call 1-800-643-8278 for store card support. Call 1-866-834-6294 for American Express card support.


Complete form at Dillard’s website.

Mailing Address

Dillard’s Card Services P.O. Box 522 Des Moines, IA 50306