CVS is a subsidiary of an American retail and Heath care company. And currently the largest pharmacy chain in the United States. And operates over 9,500 outlets. CVS Gift Card Balance makes an excellent gift. With CVS gift Card you can get prescription drugs and a wide assortment of general merchandise, including over-the-counter drugs, beauty products and cosmetics in-store and online with incentives.

CVS Gift Card Balance

How to Check your CVS Gift Card Balance


  • Visit CVS gift card balance check page here.
  • Enter your 16-digit card number.
  • Input a 3-digit card number.
  • Tap on “Get Card History”.

How to Purchase CVS E-Gift Card

CVS E-Gift card can be ordered online and you get your order sent to your email at no cost and in few hours after your order is been processed.


  • Go to purchase page here.
  • Select who the gift card is for(for “”A Friend”” Type in their name and your own name)
  • Tap “Pick a gift card”.
  • Choose a design or upload your own custom photo.
  • Hit “How much”.
  • Enter card amount and quantity.
  • Click “Add to cart”.
  • Proceed to checkout, enter your card payment(Discover, MasterCard or VISA)
  • Fill in billing info.
  • Hit “Place my order”.

Corporate CVS Gift Card Purchase

Over years corporate organizations, companies and enterprise have been on the lookout on how to show appreciation for a job or task well done, motivate employees to deliver their very best, incent new clients, employees and distributors to try their products and services. All of this are now possible with CVS corporate gift card purchase.

Corporate Purchase Benefits

  1. Volume discount is applicable.
  2. Fast service rendering.

To place your corporate gift card orders click here and follow the page prompt to complete your order.

CVS Gift Card Features and Restrictions

  1. No fees applicable (dormancy or customers service fees).
  2. Gift card doesn’t expire.
  3. Gift card is redeemable at any CVS pharmacy locations for prescriptions, co-pays and all non-prescriptions items.
  4. Gift is not redeemable for cash, except if other wise required by the law.
  5. Gift card is re-loadable.
  6. Lost, damaged or stolen gift cards can’t be replaced.
  7. Corporate purchase accept a minimum of $500 at face value and a minimum of 10 quantity.
  8. Corporate purchase orders are shipped in bulk via FedEx 2-day delivery to a single location.
  9. Gift card denominations ranges from $5 to $500.

How to Activate CVS Gift Card

CVS Gift Cards don’t come activated after purchased, so to activate your gift card, request gift card activation by email; for faster activation include the PO# that was included in your packing slip.

Accomplish a lot with CVS Gift Card

  1. Reinforce healthy behavior.
  2. Reduce overall healthcare coast.
  3. Give members and participants the power to take charge of their health.

Need help? Call customer’s service support line at 1-877-295-7777.