In this article, you will learn the meaning of credit card pre-approval. Also, you will learn how to find per-approved credit cards as well as what to expect from card pre-approval

Credit Card Pre-approval ; What  Pre-approval Means?

Credit card pre-approval is a tactful way of financial institution inviting you to apply for their credit card. They are not offering you their card, they are only inviting you to apply. They do this through  a screening process to find out those who might  fit for a particular credit card. The financial institution in turn demands from the credit bureau  a list of people who meet their standard. If you meet the criteria, your name goes on the list and the credit card issuer sends you a pre-approval offer.

However, when you have the pre-approval offer, it does not mean that you have been approved for a credit card. In most cases, you can still be denied for a credit card that you’ve been “pre-approved” for.

Credit Card Pre-Approval ; How to Find Pre-Approved Credit Cards

To find out if  you’ve been pre-approved for a credit card. You just need to supply your basic information. These include – your name and last four digits of your social security number. Now, you can see the cards you qualify for to see which credit cards, if any, you may qualify for.

The following financial institutions give per-approvals; U. S. Bank, Citi, Discover, Merrick Bank, Capital One, Bank of America, American Express and Chase. You can check them out. It is even better to check if you are pre-approved for a card before applying for it. It will save you the stress of applying for many cards within a small period of time. Moreover, it will reduce new credit inquiries which can affect your credit score.

Credit Card Pre-Approval ; Credit Card Pre-approval Does Not Mean Your Approval

As mentioned earlier, a pre-approval is just an invitation to apply. If you apply, the credit card issuer will still review your credit history and the information on your application to decide whether you actually qualify for the card or not.

Sometimes, you may get approval for a higher interest rate or shorter promotional period. At other times you will not get any approval at all.

Free Credit Scores After A Denial

When they deny you a card, they send you a free copy of your credit score used in the decision. This is to help you work harder on those areas that caused your denial.

Go For Other Cards

It is important to search online for credit card offers. This will help you review better options and choose the best from a variety.  Compare the fees, APRs, rewards and rates.

Stop Pre-approved Credit Card Offers

To stop getting per-approved credit card offers,  go to Click on ”opt out”. You can opt-in again at the same website if you previously opted-out.

The companies you still do business with may still send you pre-approvals.