Charming Charlie gift card balance opens you up to a world of exquisite clothing, handbags, jewelry, accessories, special occasion, beauty, fun gifts, kids etc. Plays host to the perfect accessories, to compliment your outfit at a great discount price using the Charming Charlie gift card. Charming Charlie services it’s customers, in 30 states, as well as an easy to access online store. The gift card, re-defines your fashion, as well grant you access to quality, rare, and fun gifts, to give you the best for your money. Spice up your special occasion with a Charming Charlie gift card anytime, any day. Customize the gift card, to convey to your recipient, just how you feel about them. Stocking up on Charming Charlie gift cards, helps you become the first to spot their exquisite styles.

Charming Charlie Gift Card Balance

How to Check Your Charming Charlie gift card balance

To check your charming Charlie Gift card balance over the phone, call 1-888-675-2275, to check card balance. You can as well check your gift card balance by sending an email at

Charming Charlie Deals and Offers

  • Charmclub, offers reward points from every purchase made.
  • Earn your way up to a gold membership with every single dollar you spend.
  • Online orders of more than $49 gets free shipping.
  • 30% OFF all Halloween items. visit here for more info.

How and Where to Buy a Gift Card

You will be able to buy gift cards online in the coming months. But you can go to any charming Charlie store locations near you in the United States to purchase a gift card.

How to Redeem Gift Card

You will be able to redeem gift cards online in the coming months.  Currently, Charming Charlie are unable to redeem gift cards online but you can continue to redeem them in stores.

 Gift Card Features, Benefits and Restrictions

  • You cannot buy gift card online now.
  • Gift cards are only available at any charming Charlie store locations in the United States.
  • No dormancy, maintenance, monthly nor transaction fees charge.
  • Your Gift Card cannot be used to purchase other gift card.
  • Gift card is not redeemable for cash unless where required by law.
  • You may reload your gift card in any participating store.
  • Gift card don’t have expiration dates, but we recommend you use it before it’s misplaced or forgotten.
  • Charming Charlie Gift Card purchased in store come in different denominations ranging from $10, $25, $50, $100 to $200.
  • Your gift card value isn’t transferable to another charming Charlie Gift card.

Need Help? Contact customer’s service support line at 1-888-675-2275, or email at