The Casey’s Visa Platinum Credit Card is issued through UMB Financial Corporation.  It offers a rewards program for those who frequent Casey’s General Store, offering 2% savings on all in-store purchases as well as 1% savings on everything else. In the first 60 days, they really pamper their new card members, offering savings of up to 13 cents per gallon on gas and doubling the rewards program. With a standard APR and no annual fee, one might anticipate less benefits, yet on top of their reward program they’ve thrown in auto rental and travel insurance. To access this card, click on the Casey’s Visa Platinum Credit Card Login.Casey’s Visa Platinum Credit Card

Before proceeding, it is advised that you review the UMB privacy policy to be informed on exactly how your personal information will be used.

Rewards/ Features of the Casey’s Visa Platinum Credit Card

  1. 2% savings at Casey’s locations, 1% savings on all other purchases
  2. Up to 13 cents/per gallon in savings on gas for the first 60 days, rewards are doubled for the first 60 days
  3. No annual fee
  4. Cash advance APR of 25%
  5. Up to $35 late payment fee
  6. Cash advance fee of 3%
  7. 49% to 18.49% Purchases APR , based on your creditworthiness (APR is subject to change)

How to Apply for the Casey’s Visa Platinum Credit Card

Step 1- Go to the card summary page  and click the  Apply Now link.

Stage 2- Provide  your First Name, Last Name, Date Of Birth, Social Security Number, and your Mother’s Maiden Name.

Step 3- Supply your Email Address, Physical Address Line 1, City, State and Zip Code.  Specify whether or not the address given is your mailing address. Just below that, indicate the Length at Residence and give your Primary Phone Number.

Step 4-

 Specify your Employment Status, Employer Name, Length of Employment, and Residence Status. You can optionally supply additional financial info by entering your current Position, Previous Employer Name along with the associated Position and Length of Employment. You may also give your current Work Phone number.

Step 5- Next, enter the totals for your Monthly Housing Payment and Gross Annual Salary. You can optionally supply the name of your Primary Financial Institution, Gross Annual Other Income, and Other Income Source (if any). The ability to add an authorized user to your account is also present at this juncture of the application process.

Step 6- Review the terms and conditions  to ensure that the card is indeed suitable to your financial situation. If it is, check the small box next to I Agree to these terms and click the Submit button to proceed. Your application will be sent to UMB for an official review and confirmation should be sent your way shortly.

How to Login to the Casey’s Visa Platinum Credit Card

On the UMB homepage, enter your User ID before clicking Next. 

Supply the answer to your security question. If this is the case, enter your answer in the available field and click Submit. Enter  your password.

The Forgot User ID? button  is the one to press if your security credentials have been forgotten. Re-enroll in your online banking account to gain entry to UMB’s online banking portal. Click Next: Continue to re-enroll and follow the subsequent instructions to create your new user ID and password. Once complete, you will be able to use your new pieces of ID to access your account.


You can activate your Casey’s Platinum Visa Credit Card by calling the number above or by registering for an online account with UMB. To perform the latter option, navigate to the UMB online banking page attached to the Secure Registration link posted above. To verify your identity, the following information is required:

  • Account type
  • Card number
  • Last five digits of SSN
  • Expiration date
  • Statement ZIP code

Click Verify your account to continue onto the proceeding steps which will require that you confirm your information, create your login credentials as well as a series of security questions.

With your account registered with UMB, you can begin to fully manage your card on their online banking.

For More Information


1 (800) 699-8702

Mailing Address

1010 Grand Boulevard // Kansas City, Missouri // 64106