California Pizza Kitchen Gift Card Balance Makes a delicious dinning experience to co-workers, friends and even your family members and loved ones. California Pizza Kitchen is a casual dinning restaurant chain that specializes in California-style pizza. A good to go gift card for every one and every occasion and celebration.

California Pizza Kitchen Gift Card Balance

How to Check your California Pizza Kitchen Gift Card Balance

Knowing your Gift Card balance makes dinning easy and can even help you schedule your dinning time and order placement online.

To check your California Pizza Kitchen Gift Card Balance call the gift card balance inquiry line at 888-351-2594.

How to Purchase a Plastic Gift Card


  • Go to plastic gift card purchase page.
  • Choose a plastic Gift card design or upload a personal photo and click “NEXT STEP”.
  • Select gift card amount and gift card quantity.
  • Choose who the gift card is for and personalize.
  • Fill in the shipping information and select shipping method.
  • Click “Add to cart”, and proceed to checkout to complete your plastic gift card order.

How to Purchase an E-Gift Card


  • Go to e-gift card purchase page.
  • Choose an e-gift card design and tap “NEXT STEP”.
  • Select your e-gift card amount.
  • Choose who the e-gift card is for and personalize (fill in the recipient and the buyers info along with a personal message).
  • Schedule your delivery dates, either by clicking on “SEND NOW” or “SEND LATER”.
  • Hit “Add to cart” and proceed to checkout to complete your e-gift card order.

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How to Reload your Gift Card Balance

  • Go to Gift card reload page here.
  • Enter your 19-digit gift card number.
  • Check the “I’m a robot” box.
  • Hit on “CONTINUE”.

Gift Card Features, Benefits and Restrictions

  1. California Pizza Kitchen Gift Card don’t have expiration dates.
  2. Gift card may be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged provided the original proof of purchase is available and gift card number, along side with the remaining balance on the lost, stolen and damaged gift card.
  3. You can reload your gift card balance online.
  4. Your gift card may not be exchanged for cash except if required by law.
  5. There is no monthly, dormancy nor maintenance fees.
  6. USPS MAIL within 7-10 business day is for free.

Need Help?  Contact California Pizza Kitchen Gift Card toll-free line at 1-800-919-3227.