Gift Card Balance – use your Gift Card to make purchases online at and in-store, of a great selection of inspired framed Art, décor, and lot more artistic styles. Wondering how to give a gift, something that can beautiful and inspire, send across gift cards on your friends upcoming holiday, vacation, birthday, anniversary and wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, Christmas. It’s fun, convenient and flexible. See our post on how to check Sidestep Gift Card Balance. Gift Card Balance

Gift Card Benefits

  • Pick from several designs.
  • gift card doesn’t expire.
  • Redeemable online at, and over the phone at (800) 952-5592.
  • Freely assignable.
  • GC balance inquiry easy online, over the phone and in-store.
  • Comes as a physical gift card and electronic gift card.
  • No service fees. Gift Card Restrictions

  • Is not redeemable for cash except where required by law.
  • No refund after purchased and activated.
  • No replacement of lost, stolen or damaged gift card. So treat gift card as you would to cash.
  • Gift card balance isn’t transferable.
  • You cannot add funds on your gift card balance when out of funds.
  • gift card cannot be used as a payment method when purchasing another gift card.

How to check your Gift Card Balance

Giftcardgit provides instructions on how to check all vendor’s gift card balance including your Gift Card Balance online, over the phone and in-store. Check MasterCard Gift Card Balance.


The gift card number and pin is printed on the back of your gift card. And you might need to scratch off the silver coat gently to reveal the gift card PIN.

To check your Gift Card Balance online;

  • Tap here.
  • Key in the gift card number.
  • Input your gift PIN.
  • Hit the “Check Gift Card Balance” button.

Option 1

Alternatively, you can inquire the remaining value on your gift card by contacting the customer care line at 1-855-820-0478.

Option 2

Check your card balance at any participating store. Locate a nearby store and present your gift card to a customer associate to process your balance request. E-gift card users are to supply their gift card number and pin from their respective gadgets. Gift Card Deals and Offers

Visit to sign up and enjoy an amazing discount, exclusive deals, and promotion including product discount and special day offer.

How to Redeem Gift Card

To redeem gift card online, enter the gift card number and pin on the payment page during checkout and apply. See how to also redeem Walmart Gift Card.

Need Help? Contact customer service support line at 1-800-952-5592.