American Express® Gift Card is customizable gift card virtually used anywhere in the United States and Canada. Amex gift card can be purchased online at local retailers store and financial institution in physical or electronic form. With American Express Gift Card Balance you can give yourself a treat, shop at your favorite store as well as online for different items and products.Amex Gift Cards can be presented as gifts to friends and loved ones on different Occasions such as birthday celebration, father’s or Mother’s day celebration and Christmas celebration.

American Express Gift Card Balance

Check your American Express Gift Card Balance

Knowing your American Gift Card balance, to some merchants and local retailers is the basic info they need to kick start your transaction, as ignorance of your card balance sometimes may lead to your card decline. It’s important to know the balance of your gift card before making any purchase. Even if your card balance is insufficient to pay for your purchases, American Express allows the use of other payment options though it depends on the merchant policy.

To look up your American Express Gift card balance online will require your card Number and PIN. Below is how to check your balance.


  1. Visit American Express® balance inquiry page with a web browser.
  2. Enter your Card Number.
  3. Input your Card PIN.
  4. Press “Check Balance”.

You can call American Express® Customer’s Service Line to inquire your American Express Gift card Balance 1-800-505-6849.

Get your misplaced or stolen gift card replaced free of charge

Your stolen or misplaced American Express Gift Card can be replaced for free along with the current card balance at the time of notification. Here are information needed for card replacement, i suggest you keep it safe or write it down somewhere upon card purchase.

  • Gift card Number.
  • Card PIN.
  • Customer service Number (1-800-505-6849).
  • Your Gift Card receipt if your where issued any at point of purchase.

The Good news in using American Express Gift Card

You need to know that American Express® gift card is the best card you can dream of using because there is less or no fee charges either on a monthly bases or at any given transaction, not even card dormancy fee.

Contrary to other gift cards, American Express Gift Card have some amazing benefits like;

  • No monthly fee/charge.
  • Customer’s Service is free.
  • No replacement fees.
  • Funds has no expiration date.

American Express Gift Card Deals and promotions

So far Amex Gift Card don’t always run into promotional offers, deals, rewards or cash back just like some other cards do, but they do have code that can be used to waive off some of their fee charges, like purchase fees and shipping fees. This means that with this promotion code you can buy Amex Gift card for free or pay for purchase and get it shipped to your address for free. But do know that shipping fees is applicable to only Amex Gift Cards purchased online. While the online purchase fees differs to that of store.

Purchase fees

  • $3.95 fees for Amex Gift Card Purchased online.
  • $5.95 fees for Amex Gift Card purchased in local store.

Shipping fees

  • Amex gift card have three shipping plan which are $5.95 plan, $8.95 plan and $15.95 plan. You need to know that the more orders you place at same time with same shipping address the less the shipping fees.

Promo Codes to waive off purchase and shipping fees

  • AXPGIFT18 use this code to enjoy free purchase.
  • FREESHP18A use this code for free shipping.

Enjoy free standard shipping and save $5.95, it’s a simple trick that is so easy to apply. It’s a 90 days trial premium shipping plan that cost $99/year. But the good thing is that the plan can be cancelled before the 90 days trial period. Follow the steps below to cancel the plan.


  • Login into your account.
  • Press gift card at the page bottom.
  • Select manage your orders.
  • Go to the shipping address section.
  • Press at premium shipping plan free trial will end in xx days.
  • Cancel the plan.