Altar’d State Gift Card Balance – all you need to know about your gift card is to be aware of the remaining funds since your last checkout, and you good to go for a next shopping experience.

Gift cards

Maybe you’re thinking of buying someone a gift on a special occasion but can’t figure out what they would want as a gift. a gift card might come in handy. Because gift card gives gift recipient the opportunity to make choices of what they want themselves. So Instead of giving someone something he/she might not have need of at the moment or even in days, months sometimes years to come, why not give them something that can meet their immediate need, it can a gift of delicious taste, a drink, a fashionable apparels and accessories, a repair service, etc. The list is unending, what a single gift can offer, plus the fun, convenience and the flexibility that comes with it. In the sense that, most gift cards are issued as an electronic gift (eGift card) or in a traditional plastic form.

Altar'd State Gift Card Balance

How to Check your Altar’d State Gift Card Balance

Check your gift card balance with your gift card number and PIN, you can check the balance of Altar’d State Gift Card either online here, in a store or by calling 800-284-7348.


Finding PIN on a Plastic Gift Card

A PIN is a Personal Identification Number that is unique to your Altar’d State Gift Card, It is located on the back of your gift card. You might need to scratch-off the silver coated area to reveal the gift card PIN.

Finding PIN on an eGift Card

You can locate your eGift card number and pin in your the delivery message you received on your email inbox when the gift was purchased.

If You Don’t Have a PIN

Some plastic gift card comes pinless. So If you have a plastic gift card that doesn’t have a PIN, it just mean that, you are meant to check your balance in-store or over the phone, but some gift card vendor’s issues gift card without a pin printed on the gift card, as such a directive on how to check the gift card balance is always made available to the gift card users.

How to Redeem Gift Card

to redeem a gift card at checkout, enter the gift card number and PIN, on the billing page and apply.

Altar’d State Gift Card Deals and Offers

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Gift Card Benefits

  1. No Service, dormancy nor maintenance fees are charged in connection with these gift cards.
  2. Altar’d State Gift Card doesn’t have an expiration date.
  3. Available for purchase in any denominations.
  4. Redeemable online, or in-store.