Gift Cards

Maybe you are thinking of buying someone a gift on a special occasion but you’re faced with, what a perfect gift idea would be to get for them, a gift card might come in handy. Maybe you don’t know them too well to predict what gift they will appreciate more. Or maybe you know them but don’t know what they want at that moment or in the very occasion they are celebrating. That’s No Big Deal, and it wouldn’t be nice to strain your brain while trying to guess. With Alloy Gift Card they can choose whatever they want themselves at their convenient time. Alloy Gift Card comes in two variations, the physical and the eGift card; let’s talk a bit on both versions of the Alloy Gift Card.

Alloy Gift Card Balance

Plastic gift cards

A plastic gift card is easy to give and to redeem. Just order the style and dollar amount of your choice, in the gift card vendor’s online store or at a local store, and have it sent to them by mail. Most vendor’s gift card delivery by mail takes days to arrive depending on the shipping method chosen by the gift sender.

eGift cards

Let’s say you got a late notice of your friends occasion and sending a plastic gift card will take some days before its arrival, and before then, the gift recipient might not find it current anymore. You have an option of switching to sending eGift card to them. you can send an eGift Card in denominations from $5 and $2000 depending on the gift card vendor’s amount limit per gift card.

Alloy Gift Card Benefits

  1. No Service, dormancy nor maintenance fees are charged in connection with these gift cards.
  2. Alloy Gift Card doesn’t have an expiration date. But we recommend that you use up your gift card value less you forget or misplace it.
  3. Available for purchase in any denominations.
  4. Redeemable only online.

How to Check your Alloy Gift Card Balance

Check your gift card balance with your gift card number and PIN, you can check the balance of Alloy Gift Card either online here, in a store or by calling…

Note that, the gift card number and pin is printed on the back of your gift card.

Gift Card Terms and Conditions

  • Lost or stolen cards may not be replaced.
  • The gift card is not redeemable for cash except if otherwise stated by the gift card vendor’s or where required by law.
  • You may not add funds to your gift card after you have exhausted the face value.
  • The gift card balance isn’t transferable.
  • The gift card isn’t refundable.
  • The card cannot be used as a payment method, to purchase another gift.

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